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Monday, August 29, 2011

Learn how to eat a sandwich

I'm very methodical even while eating. So I've developed this process for eating sandwiches. I usually see people eating "across" the bread, but I believe that going around the bread will leave a better bite for last, specially if it is a spread sandwich like nutella or peanut butter. Burgers are more controversial though, since you can start by cutting them in half, eating them with fork and knife, or just eating the whole thing as is. My technique for burgers will hold all the ingredients in the middle and your last bite will be quite satisfactory! Enjoy your next sandwich!


  1. Thank god. I thought I was the only one. I've been doing this with burgers since I was a kid, but I still pull the "across the sandwich" for squares. I pack a pretty serious sandwich and they're pretty volatile as-is without trying to rotate it.

    On another note, tomato placement is key... it could mean the difference between the lunch of your lifetime and the top half of your sandwich ending up on your Tommy Bahamas button-up.

  2. Sorry guys.. I disagree

    Eating north to south produces the most epic messy last bite of your life. There's nothing like cheese and egg oozing out of the end.