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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Learn to Fold Clothing

I try to keep my clothing organized, and folded neatly. Shirts are easy, but what do you do with smaller items? Specifically socks, should they be folded or rolled? I always choose to fold them together. I know that by rolling them together you keep the pair in check, but folding them actually saves more time and doesn't ruin the elasticity of the socks. I've always been very paranoid about what happens to the elastic of that one sock that is doing all the work of keeping them together. So here's how I fold:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Learn about the cost of skipping school

I'll admit that I've never skipped a class in my life. Not because I'm a nerd, but because the implications of skipping a class are too costly, literally. Have you ever thought of how much a class is worth per day? If you went to a private school it'll be around $70 per hour of class. ($70 an hour is equivalent to a salary of $145,600 a year by the way) This is why Higher Education Institutions make such a great business. You pay in advance for a service in education, but there's no refunds when you skip. It would be nice if you could pay per day. That way it wouldn't matter economically if you miss the class or not for any reason. If you miss a class because your sick and have to go to the doctor, you're basically paying for the class you missed and for the doctors visit. Shouldn't you be able to get a note for a refund? Anyway, being sick is one thing, but think about what you can do with that money next time you consciously decide to skip.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learn how to dress for the winter

Summer came and went, and Halloween marks the end of the season and the beginning of winter. So how to dress up for these coming cold days? Well, check it out: