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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learn how to do a handstand

So when I was about 8 or 9, my mother signed my brother and I into the gym program at my school. And I mean gym as in gymnastics, with spandex and all. Ever seen an eight year old with a six-pack?! The reason was cause she wanted us to grow tall, and apparently hanging from bars and jumping around helps. Yet, I'm still 5'4". Neither gymnastics nor drinking lots of milk helped (I'll get into the milk business in another posting, but in short, you should drink some of that hormone milk from CVS, not that organic Whole Foods crap if you want to grow!) Anyway, I learnt a bunch of tricks, and this was the crowd's favorite while in high-school (ten years ago). I'm keeping it cool and casual in this diagram, but you can go all pro by extending your body fully and pointing your toes. Enjoy, and amaze your friends at your next cocktail party!


  1. i love that you're diagramming yourself now rafael. you'll break all the glasses doing this at a cocktail party, no?

  2. HAHAHA I just read your text and it is so funny! Nice handstand! ;)