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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learn about geography PART 1

So the United States is considered "the melting pot," the place where all cultures are welcomed. Yet it seems like nobody knows where these "cultures" are really coming from. This ends up in some uncomfortable conversations with borderline racists remarks. I've been asked if I'm Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Punjabi, Part Japanese, Part Chinese, Jewish, Mexican, South American, European, Puerto Rican, Colombian, American. Sometimes it's easier to just let people assume what country I'm from than to explain where El Salvador, Costa Rica, Central America, and Latin America are. So here's the first part of my geography lesson.


  1. te falto el salvador! jaja, rafa, estan buenisimos todos los diagrams.... buena idea, te felicito, estoy seguro que todo te va muy bien, mantene el animo. saludos

  2. Aqui falta tambien la parte de muchos USA citizens diciendo el clasico: Yo soy de America refiriendose a ser de los Estados Unidos. America comprende Norte, Sur y Centro America.

    America No es Norte America.

    Nota: No se si politicamente es conveniente incluirlo.

    Me parece excelente todo el concepto y el material es de muy buena calidad > Te felicito!!!!!