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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learn about "The Shrinkage Solution" to save the world

So, I may be touching on this environmental topic because of the duel I had with the Greenpeace activist last week. I still think that there are more efficient ways of helping the environment, so I wanted to illustrate one possibility.
Recently in the Tech Review there was an article about how in 1967 two MIT civil-engineers professors proposed the idea of shrinking humans in order to use less resources. Even though genetic engineering has advanced since the 60's, I'm not sure this is still possible. What I propose is shrinking our consumption rate. If food manufacturers would produce smaller sizes, people would eat less, wasting less resources, and producing less wasted materials. You can also choose to eat less yourself! You can still eat the same crap, just less of it! I'm doing my part by cutting back on only one dessert a day! SO there you go Greenpeace!

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