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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learn about an Alternative Source of Clean Energy

I had posted before about how eating less might help save the planet. But maybe there's an alternative approach so solving the energy crisis, and we might be sitting literally on a source of clean energy! Have you ever visited a children's museum or a museum of science? They always have an exhibit of a stationary bike connected to a generator powering a light bulb. Why hasn't anybody looked into this?!! The trick is to make this a collective effort. A single bike might power a laptop, but collectively we could power some homes. If all the gyms would connect all of their aerobic machines to a generator, they could produce a significant amount of energy. We could fill two birds with one stone: fight obesity in America by making people exercise at the generator gyms. This would mean that America would be #1 in Energy Source from its obese population. So next time you're eating a chocolate bar, remember that you might help solving the energy crisis one day.

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  1. Rafa: you should send this suggestion to Obama!!